ND Web Hosting How To

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Guide for using the new-old ND web hosting

If you previously maintained your web page by SFTP to webfile.nd.edu, that no longer works as of 2017/07/25. The new server is accessed by FTPS (FTP over SSL), and the new instructions tell you to use one of several graphical FTP clients. But you can use the command-line lftp client.

Configure lftp

Edit your ~/.lftprc to include the following lines:

set ftp:ssl-allow true
set ftp:ssl-force true
set ftp:ssl-protect-data true
set ftp:ssl-protect-list true
set ssl:verify-certificate false

To do: How to obtain and verify the SSL certificate?

Connect to the lftp server

$ lftp username@www3ftps.nd.edu

Note: Do not put ftps:// before the URL.

Miscellaneous notes

The new server appears to be HTTPS-only. If you have a <link href=...> tag, make sure that the linked URL uses https://, not http://.