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LugCast: Hacktoberfest is Here!

LUG discusses getting involved in this year’s Hacktoberfest and the struggles of being a maintainer during Hacktoberfest.

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LugCast: Let's get riiight into the news!

We talk a ton about news and whatnot.

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LUG Battlestation Showcase

Our hosts cover FOSS news and topics of interest for the first half of our podcast, followed by a review and showcase of LUG member battlestations for the remainder of the meeting.

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Virtual Activities Fair!

Click here to get into our Zoom room to chat with us!

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Lugcast Episode 3

Mike, Bui, and Zephan talk about privacy online and how you can protect it!

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Internship Panel 2020

President Michael Eisemann is joined by Professor Peter Bui and Zephan Enciso to briefly discuss some FOSS news. Later, Gavin Inglis, Emory Smith, and Sam Battalio field questions about their recent internship experiences and offer advice to underclassmen on how to get their desired job.

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Wowzers! We're Starting a Podcast!

President Michael Eisemann is joined by Professor Peter Bui and System Administrator Zephan Enciso to kick off this year’s LUG with a FOSS news podcast.

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Introducing the NDLUG IRC Server!

New IRC Server, who dis?

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2020-2021 LUG Officer Announcement Post

Your new Supreme Leaders have been chosen!

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Elections for 2020-2021 School Year

LUG Elections are coming up! Go vote!