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Intro to Linux Meeting

Senior officer Noah Yoshida helps some Linux newcomers set up and get comfortable with the operating system.

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2019 Installfest

Success stories from this weekend’s Installfest, brought to you by LUG.

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2019 Internship Panel

Kicking off this year’s LUG with introductions, background about the club, and a panel of upperclassmen who shared their summer internship experiences.

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LUG at the 2019 Activities Fair

A recap of a successful outing at the 2019 activities fair.

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NDLUG 2019 Elections

The Elections for the 2019-2020 School year.

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NDLUG Meeting 4/10/2019

Secretary Andrew Litteken talks about the basics and how to get started with Tensorflow.

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NDLUG Meeting 3/27/2019

Professor Bui gives a crash course in web programming using Python and Tornado prior to the Library Hackathon.

1 minute read Published: is finally up and running

Everyone say hello to, NDLUG’s very own host dedicated to chatting!

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NDLUG Meeting 11/15/2018

Secratary Andrew Litteken walks us through how to build a compiler for a programming language and the open source space.

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NDLUG Meeting 11/01/2018

Professor Bui and Vice President Cat Vajiac walk through an introduction to Ricing.