Dalton Dove (ddove)
Hello I am Dalton Dove and I am a sophomore in computer engineering.

Gavin Inglis (ginglis)
My name is Gavin Inglis. I am a current junior studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. My main interests are Systems Programming and Linux, but I enjoy reading and learning about all things computer science. I am a SysAdmin and Secretary for the Notre Dame Linux Users Group. I most recently worked for Accenture on a project in the Public Health space in Cincinnati. I was introduced to Salesforce tools, and I had experience developing and administrating in Salesforce.

Jacob Mazur (jmazur2)
My name is Jacob Mazur. I am a sophomore studying computer engineering at the University of Notre Dame. I am interested in most things related to technology, particularly computer hardware. *That's me all the way on the left, pictured with Logan, Noah, and AKK* --

Joe Kuebler (jkuebler)
My name is Joe Kuebler. I am a current sophomore studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. Some things i enjoy outisde of cimputer science are soccer, politics, and traveling.

Keegan MacDonell (kmacdon7)
My name is Keegan MacDonell. I am a current sophomore studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame.

Nick Locascio (nlocasci)
My name is Nick Locascio. I am a sophomore computer science major here at Notre Dame and I am originally from Denver, Colorado.

Nolan McShea (nmcshea)
Hi! My name is Nolan McShea and I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science! I recently just dropped my digital marketing minor so I can’t say that I’m minoring in digital marketing anymore, which stinks but it was boring so I don’t care. My college-long objective is to make a video game! (I wanna finish it by the time I graduate) So right now I’m trying to learn digital music.

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A lecture by Logan, followed by a group command line adventure.

Logan talks about the command line, and officers guide a command line adventure.

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Intro to Linux Meeting

Senior officer Noah Yoshida helps some Linux newcomers set up and get comfortable with the operating system.

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2019 Installfest

Success stories from this weekend’s Installfest, brought to you by LUG.