Zephan M. Enciso
Hey, I’m Zephan Enciso, a junior studying Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. I typically run Arch Linux with KDE and/or i3-gaps. Most LUGites know me as a huge computer hardware nerd, but outside of LUG, I enjoy olympic archery, playing violin, taking pictures, or pwning noobs in video games.

Bryan Ingwersen (bingwers)
I am a first year student at Notre Dame who just joined LUG. More information to come!

Parker Chun (pchun)
My name is Parker Chun. I am a current sophomore studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. Apart from my computer science related coursework, extracurriculars, and interests, I like to dance, play the piano, and play basketball.

Bradley Budden (bbudden)
My name is Brad Budden. I am a current sophomore studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. I’m not sure exactly what field of computer science I will be most interested in, but I enjoy learning about linux and have fun with embedded systems programming for arduinos. Last summer, I studied abroad in Rome, taking classes in quantum engineering and visual programming. I and was able to travel all over Italy and to Greece, Switzerland, and Sweden Next spring I hope to participate in the Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester, a program offered by ND out in the valley for students looking to take relevant courses and work at local companies/startups.

Eamon Lopez Marmion (elopez7)
My name is Eamon. I am a (non dues-paying) member of NDLUG.

Kathryn Hund (khund)
My name’s Kathryn Hund, and I’m currently a freshman at Saint Mary’s. I’m from Florida (on the east coast - right in the destruction path of every hurricane). My intended major is Computing & Applied Mathematics. I’m looking forward to participating in NDLUG to get more familiar with both Linux in particular and open source in general. My current goals are to become an active contributor to open source, and to participate in Google Summer of Code at least once.

Noah Yoshida (nyoshida)
Hello! I am Noah. I order pizza for Lug.

Mike 'AndroidKitKat' Eisemann
Hiya, I’m Mike Eisemann, but most of you probably know me as AndroidKitKat. I’m the current Vice President of NDLUG. I am a computer science major and thinking about minoring in Japanese. Some of my favorite things are VR video games and learning Japanese. If you want to read more about me, check out my personal website at

Dalton Dove (ddove)
Hello I am Dalton Dove and I am a sophomore in computer engineering.

Gavin Inglis (ginglis)
My name is Gavin Inglis. I am a current junior studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. My main interests are Systems Programming and Linux, but I enjoy reading and learning about all things computer science. I am a SysAdmin and Secretary for the Notre Dame Linux Users Group. I most recently worked for Accenture on a project in the Public Health space in Cincinnati. I was introduced to Salesforce tools, and I had experience developing and administrating in Salesforce.