Gavin Inglis (ginglis)

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Gavin Inglis (ginglis)

My name is Gavin Inglis. I am a current junior studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. My main interests are Systems Programming and Linux, but I enjoy reading and learning about all things computer science.

I am a SysAdmin and Secretary for the Notre Dame Linux Users Group. I most recently worked for Accenture on a project in the Public Health space in Cincinnati. I was introduced to Salesforce tools, and I had experience developing and administrating in Salesforce.

This coming spring I will be participiating in the Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester, a program offered by ND out in the valley for students looking to take relevant courses and work at local companies/startups.

Apart from my computer science related coursework, extracurriculars, and interests, I like to play video games (Rocket League mainly), run, work at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center in the ticket office, hang out on IRC (garvin on snoonet and freenode), and read. I also love coffee - currently using an AeroPress as it is very convenient to use in college.

Check out my personal site to learn more about me!

That’s me all the way on the left, pictured with Logan, Noah, and AKK