LUG at the 2019 Activities Fair

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LUG at the 2019 Activities Fair

A recap of a successful outing at the 2019 activities fair.


The NDLUG officers are extremely excited for what’s in store this year, and we hope you are, too! President Logan Yokum put together some neat flyers and handouts to show off what LUG is, what we do, and what we have planned. Along with Logan, officers Noah Yoshida, Michael Eisemann, and Gavin Inglis spoke to prospective members, handed out stickers and candy, and demonstrated some of the ways in which they use Linux.

This year, we had a record total of 78 people join our mailing list!

We hope to see many new faces at LUG meetings this year! Be on the lookout for next week’s internship panel!

Handouts and Important Info

Thanks to all those who stopped by!