Flask Tutorial/Hackathon Prep

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Professor Bui and Noah speak about Web Dev and Python's Flask

Professor Bui and Noah speak about Web Dev and Python’s Flask

Intro to HTTP

Professor Bui gives a bried introduction about HTTP

The purpose of this meeting was to give members a starting point heading into the weekend’s hackathon, IrishHacks. Professor Bui began last week’s meeting with an intro to HTTP. He drew a diagram of client-server interaction and described some of the higher level concepts of the protocol.

Intro to Flask

Noah goes over an example python web application using Flask

After Professor Bui’s intro to HTTP, our treasurer, Noah Yoshida, presented on Flask, a python package for building web applications. Noah tied his examples in nicely with Professor Bui’s overview of HTTP by showing how Flask routes HTTP requests to resources and returns content to a user based on these paths.

Noah’s example code can be found on our GitHub page.

Irish Hacks

We were happy to see a lot of NDLUG hackers at the hackathon this past weekend. These events are a great place to showcase skills or to learn something new. We hope to see many more LUG members at the hackathon in the spring!