2019 Installfest

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2019 Installfest

Success stories from this weekend’s Installfest, brought to you by LUG.


Thanks to everyone who could make it to this weekend’s Installfest! We had a solid turnout, with about a dozen students looking to install Linux in one way, shape, or form (VM, dualboot). A few upperclassmen LUG members also showed up to help out - thanks to you as well! Besides the usual Windows headaches, Installfest was smooth sailing. For the most part, every LUG member who arrived in the hopes of installing Linux was able to successfully do so. The main distribution that students were able to install was Ubuntu 18.04. One LUG member tried her hand at Manjaro on a Virtual Machine and said she hopes to do a full installation on one of her older laptops. We hope everyone likes their new installs!

Thanks to all those who stopped by!

LUG Sophomore Brad with his successful dualboot of Ubuntu 18.04

Officers Logan Yokum, Michael Eisemann, and Noah Yoshida help everyone prepare to install.

LUG Freshman Catherine pictured with her Manjaro VM and Junior Zephan Enciso.

Our president Logan discusses his experience with dualbooting Windows and Linux with LUG member Zach.