LUG Battlestation Showcase

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LUG Battlestation Showcase

Our hosts cover FOSS news and topics of interest for the first half of our podcast, followed by a review and showcase of LUG member battlestations for the remainder of the meeting.


Our hosts began the meeting/podcast with a brief update of what they’ve been up to since last week. It turns out AKK has been busy reading and watching some vehemently anti-systemd propaganda. In all seriousness, he did raise some solid points and was more so interested in sharing a counter opinion rather than simply taking pot-shots at systemd. pbui followed with an update about Oragono, which is a lightweight IRC server he has running to host our NDLUG IRC server. Zephan followed with a quick note about how some software vendors package old QT version with their software and aired some grievances about it.

FOSS/General Tech News

  1. Apple Disabling ‘Sign in with Apple’ for Epic Games on September 11
  2. Justice Dept. Plans to File Antitrust Charges Against Google in Coming Weeks
  3. Google Begins Rolling Out Android 11
  4. Intel Launches 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake
  5. TUXEDO Computers Announces 2 Monstrous Linux Gaming Laptops
  6. You Can Now Buy Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 Laptop with Fedora Linux


We had a number of members send in their setups to be reviewed/roasted/talked about. In the Twitch VOD this begins around minute 55. We had a wide variety of setups - a MacBook docked with an external monitor and a mechanical keyboard, a Nord themed Manjaro desktop, an Arch install with Polybar and i3-gaps (how original), and some Windows users setups in their dorm rooms. It was a lot of fun to see how everyone customizes both their desktop/laptop itself and their peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.).


  1. Podcast Twitch VOD
  2. YouTube

Thanks to all those who joined us and thanks to those who submitted battlestations!