Wowzers! We're Starting a Podcast!

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Wowzers! We're Starting a Podcast!

President Michael Eisemann is joined by Professor Peter Bui and System Administrator Zephan Enciso to kick off this year’s LUG with a FOSS news podcast.

Virtual LUG!

While other FOSS institutions may be stuck in their old ways, NDLUG took the many changes we’ve all been experiencing over the last few months as an opportunity to embrace virtual events and learning. To do so, we’ve started a new initiative - The NDLUG Podcast!

Motivation and Format

Since meetings cannot be held in person, we decided that rather than attempting to move the old meeting format to an online format, we would adopt a different meeting approach. Our podcast participants engage in casual shilling conversation streamed live to Twitch, where they can interact with LUG members through the chat. We have been heavily influenced by podcasts such as Linux Unplugged and Destination Linux - check ‘em out if you’re interested! Our goal is to grow our community in an accessible way while still maintaining and sharing the core mission(s) of NDLUG.

Our First Podcast - FOSS News

With this initial podcast, our hosts introduced the general format to the community. They discussed various current events in FOSS and did their best to present different opinions and arguments on the matters. Please check out the recordings below to stay up to date!

  1. Podcast Twitch VOD

  2. Podcast - YouTube

Articles Mentioned

  1. Epic vs Apple
  2. Microsoft buying Tik Tok
  3. Mozilla lays 2500 employees
  4. FSF Anti-Zoom “Propaganda”

Thanks to all those who joined us for our first podcast!