LugCast: Hacktoberfest is Here!

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LugCast: Hacktoberfest is Here!

LUG discusses getting involved in this year’s Hacktoberfest and the struggles of being a maintainer during Hacktoberfest.


Our most recent LugCast episode fell on Hacktoberfest Eve. Not a maintainer was stirring, not even the guy who bumps the Chromium version number for Void Linux (cough bui cough). Well, that’s not so true - this year’s Hacktoberfest is as exciting as ever, but with more maintainers being vocal about spam and other issues related to the event, there is a bit more controversy.

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is an event put on by Digital Ocean to encourage beginners and experienced developers alike to contribute to open source projects. The incentive for contributing is that if a participant submits 4 valid Pull Requests to a repository on GitHub, they are elligible to receive a free t-shirt and other swag.

Why are some prominent maintainers upset?

Every year, there is a concerning problem with spam across GitHub due to Hacktoberfest. While you could arguably attribute this spam to Digital Ocean’s promotion of the event, it is the responsibility of maintainers to handle such spam. This has caused some outcry from many prominent maintainers in the open source community. When a maintainer has to deal with changes such as “remove line from README”, their resources are spread thin, even more so when they are a popular repository that is being bombarded with such change requests. Notable open source maintainer Drew Devault wrote a blog post on this issue, and we highly encourage you to read it. NDLUG stands in support with such maintainers, and we encourage our members to submit high-quality, enchancement/improvement focused Pull Requests for Hacktoberfest.

What are some ND projects I can contribute to?

Here are some projects that our members have that are currently accepting PR’s for Hacktoberfest:

  1. bobbit (pbui)
  2. dredd (pbui)
  3. yldme (pbui)
  4. chad_stride (sbattali)
  5. terminus (wtheisen)
  6. (NDLUG)
  7. bminor-vim-syntax-highlighting (for the Compilers Course)(ginglis)
  8. dracula/tmux (dwilliams)
  9. rustutils (ginglis)

Happy hacking!

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