Internship Panel 2020

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Internship Panel 2020

President Michael Eisemann is joined by Professor Peter Bui and Zephan Enciso to briefly discuss some FOSS news. Later, Gavin Inglis, Emory Smith, and Sam Battalio field questions about their recent internship experiences and offer advice to underclassmen on how to get their desired job.


  1. Better SSH - HPN-SSH
  2. Debain Turns 27
  3. Raspberry Pi OS Now Powered by Linux Kernel 5.4 LTS
  4. Firefox 80 Now Available with VAAPI Acceleration on X11
  5. Facebooking Oculus (Op-Ed)

Internship Panel

Our panelists Emory Smith, Gavin Inglis, and Sam Battalio discussed their internship experiences this past summer as the focus for the remainder of the meeting/podcast.


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Emory, a Computer Engineering major, worked at the Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation. She detailed her experience in more of an Engineering Manager/Consultant role and discussed her role which, given that she worked closely with a small group, included a lot of interaction directly with her client.


Sam worked for Pure Storage this summer, a Bay Area company that deals in business to business storage solutions. Sam discussed working for a mid-sized Bay Area tech company, the challenges of remote work, and his project for the summer.


Gavin worked for Amazon this summer on a team in the Devices, Digital, and Consumer Support organization. He detailed what it was like to work for Amazon, discussed its culture, and talked about his team and what they do.


Each internship panelist talked about the application process for their respective roles, the challenges of the experience, how prepared they felt with a CS/CPEG education from ND, and what classes they felt were most applicable directly to their jobs. The panel concluded with a piece of advice from each panelist, which mostly focused on “grinding Leetcode”, not getting discouraged by rejection, and practicing whenever possible.

Thanks to all those who joined us!