2020 LUG Officers!

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2020-2021 LUG Officer Announcement Post

Your new Supreme Leaders have been chosen!

Welcome New Crew!

May I introduce to you the new LUG Officers!

President: Michael “AndroidKitKat” Eisemann

Vice President: Gavin Inglis

Treasurer: Sam Battalio

Secretary: Daraius Balsara

System Administrator: Gabriel Simões

Public Relations Manager: Nolan McShea

Special Thanks

I want to send off Noah Yoshida and Logan Yokum for their hard work this past year as Treasurer and President. They really helped build the club into what it is today and make the transition team for the new government much easier. I would also like to thank any other LUG senior who particpated in the club. We thank you for your continued interest in the club.

Live and die by the penguin,