LugCast: No Topic (Bottom Text)

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LugCast: No Topic (Bottom Text)

Unable to come up with a generalized theme this week, really trying to embody the spontaneity of real hackers, our LUG hosts turn to a grab-bag of technology and FOSS-related news. Here is a link to our uploaded VOD!


  1. pnutzh4x0r has finally started to leave his beefy gaming laptop at home for Caleb to play, so hasn’t been able to no-life Minecraft Dungeons at above 10fps as much as he planned to. He’s also thwarted ScentedFern’s attempt to replace his beloved Wizard of Legend with Hades! But it seems nothing will replace the game he’s beaten way too many times already. He has recently upgraded his systems to OpenSSL too. The first Systems Programming exam was a record-breaking success, not at all due to open-book, open-internet, and time extensions for the killer portion of the exam. Finally, he was honored to speak to the parents during his JPW showcase.
  2. ScentedFern has been addictively latching yldme hooks everywhere he possibly can. He finally updated his extremely out-of-date Weechat on his Android because the Play Store distributors were too incompetent. Finally, he’s been looking into contributing to yldme to support uploading images from the clipboard, since we all love copy and pasting. Who doesn’t?
  3. AndroidKitKat has been being an average Apple software enjoyer and believes that the app-making toolkits Apple offers are unbeatable.

Club Announcements

  1. APPA, our resident dormant machine, is going to be repurposed for the renewing Video Game Club’s Minecraft Server. (Sneak peek to a future podcast!)
  2. We’re planning to finally meet in person next week! We’re planning to meet in the CSE Commons and show off our Linux setups to each other.
  3. LUG almost became extinct! What an epic gamer moment. Thanks, SAO!
  4. We have mock-up t-shirt designs! Suggestions are O-P-E-N!

Topics Discussed

  1. 20:27 - Google Workspace will limit school and universities to just 100TB for the entire org
  2. 22:22 - Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling – and may even offer a paid-for, no-ad version
  3. Microsoft’s Xbox expands, buying ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion
  4. 27:05 - Linux has made it to Mars
    1. To infinity and beyond: Linux and open-source goes to Mars
    2. How Linux Got to Mars
  5. 31:52 - Canonical Chooses Google’s Flutter UI SDK to Build Future Ubuntu Apps - 9to5Linux
    1. Getting started with Flutter on Ubuntu
  6. 37:24 - Arch Linux Looking To Employ LTO By Default, Possibly Raise x86-64 Requirements
  7. 43:22 - Asashi Linux: Progress Report: January / February 2021
  8. 46:21 - A Retired Microsoft OS Engineer’s Comparison of Linux with Windows
  9. 1:01:17 - Steam On Linux In February Still Residing Below 1%
    1. Steam Link Is Now Available on Linux to Stream Your Steam Games from Any PC

Covid Corner

  1. 1:01:17 - University-sponsored Calm app subscriptions met with mixed student responses
  2. 1:09:30 - Letter to administration on students’ mental health garners over 1,500 signatures
  3. 1:10:06 - Outdoor programming to resume, NDPD to investigate off-campus gatherings
  4. 1:11:18 - Notre Dame to open vaccination site March 26
  5. 1:12:40 - CDC says fully vaccinated people can take fewer precautions
  6. 1:14:56 - Virtual JPW was a dumpster fire

Thanks to those who tuned in, during or after!