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1 minute read Published: is finally up and running

Everyone say hello to, NDLUG’s very own host dedicated to chatting!

I am excited to finally announce that is finally up and running. This project has been discussed in length before, and we’re glad to finally launch it. To accompany the launch, there is some documentation on the features available that will let you know what we offer and how you can connect.

All of the information regarding how to connect can be found here at this GitHub repository. In short, we currently host a Mattermost server, IRC bridges for Mattermost AND Slack, (so you can connect to the nd-cse Slack group or our Mattermost using your favorite IRC client) and ZNC (bouncer software for your IRC connection). To learn more and get connected, go to our information page.

Signing off,

Mike “AndroidKitKat” Eisemann