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Introducing the NDLUG IRC Server!

New IRC Server, who dis?


Have you ever wanted a Slack-like chat experience without any of the bloat that comes with running Slack? Curious about whatever ancient, pre-2000s, “still alive” chat protocol AndroidKitKat and pbui drone on and on about, claiming it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Well, look no further than the brand new Notre Dame Linux Users Group IRC server! This is a little experiment pbui has setup for anyone who wants to toy with IRC and get help from more experienced users setting up IRC, or to just chat about whatever you would normally talk about on Slack. The possibilities are endless!

Getting started

Never used any kind of IRC before? That’s fine! NDLUG has a very streamlined process for new account creation. If you navigate to http://regserv.ndlug.org and input your email (does not have to be an ND email), you should get an email in your inbox with a link that will allow you set a nickname and a password for your account. Your nickname can be anything you want! It could be your reddit username, your netid, or even Cow31337Killer! People on IRC will know you by your nickname, so pick something good.

After you’ve registered your account, you can now log into chat.ndlug.org. This is an instance of The Lounge run by NDLUG so members can use IRC in a familiar spot such as their web browser. Upon logging into The Lounge, you’ll see this:

You don’t need to change anything in the top section, but go ahead and change the ‘nick’ field to whatever your nickname is and your password to your password. The “username” and “Real Name” fields are somewhat optional. Those help identify you to others on IRC, but you can leave them blank if you prefer. Now, click connect and you can now surf the digital highway that is IRC!

If you have any questions or are lost at any point, feel free to get in contact with me (AndroidKitKat) or pbui!

Yours in Linux,

Mike “AndroidKitKat” Eisemann