Linux at Work

by Peter Bui (write-up), Paul Gierl (minutes)

For our second meeting, we invited a number of former and current LUG members to come and talk about their experiences using Linux and Open Source during their internships or in their careers.

Guest Speakers included:

  1. Michael Eisemann (NSA, LUG President Emeritus)
  2. Sam Battalio (Pure Storage, LUG Officer emeritus)
  3. Conor Nailos (Deloitte, LUG Officer emeritus)
  4. Emory Smith (Lucata, LUG Member emeritus)
  5. Zephan Enciso (ND CSE, LUG Officer emeritus)
  6. Nolan McShea (HP, LUG President)
  7. John Sullivan (Aerospace Corporation, LUG Officer)
  8. Joshua Tabar (Startup, LUG Ally)
  9. Jacob Mozdzen (Microsoft, LUG Ally)

Along with our 9 panelists, we had about 15 members in attendance to learn and discuss Linux and open source with our guest speakers. Highlights from the meeting include:

Of course, you can catch all the wisdom of our panelists by watching the record on YouTube: