Open Sauce in the Wild

by Paul Gierl (write-up), Paul Gierl (minutes)

For our third meeting we gave our LUG members an assignment to share their favorite FOSS that they have used or use regularly. We began with an example of Linux and open source software in action by watching a video about the Ingenuity helicopter that was attached to the Perseverance rover.

There were many interesting and intriguing pieces of software shared amongst the group. It was fun to see how many different options there are out there in the wild. Here are the top FOSS used by the 15 LUG members in attendance:

  1. Android
  2. Firefox
  3. GIMP
  4. Shotcut
  5. Xournal++
  6. c:geo
  7. Blender
  8. Anki
  9. Wireguard
  10. React
  11. Windows Terminal
  12. Qutebrowser
  13. Weechat
  14. i3
  15. Newsboat
  16. Radicale + calcurse
  17. Emacs
  18. Inkscape
  19. LibreOffice
  20. Bitwarden
  21. Joplin
  22. Minetest

Many of these are used because of their freedom and openness. They allow users to customize their experience in any way they wish; to improve it for their needs. There are plenty of free and open software alternatives to applications from big tech companies such as Google, Apple, and the like. A lot of these are lightweight and quick programs that have fanbases to help with whatever issues occur. In celebration of FOSS we had Raising Cane’s at the meeting!