A NuGet of Information about Hacktoberfest

by Sebastian Gutierrez (write-up & minutes)

For our first October meeting of the year, we hosted our annual intro and kick-off to Hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open source software hosted by Digital Ocean. Hacktoberfest invites participants to make contributions to opted-in repositories on GitHub or GitLab, and the first 50,000 people to make four approved pull requests earn a free t-shirt and stickers. It is a great way to get involved with the open-source community, build skills, collaborate with others, and give back. Some repositories that NDLUG members have loved to contribute to over the years during hacktoberfest include Bobbit and the collection of member scripts on our GitHib org page.

We were also excited to share a special announcement just in time for Hacktoberfest. ND grad, former LUG member, and current Microsoft employee Camila Thompson shared with us an opportunity to contribute to NuGet, a package manager for C# that her team at Microsoft that works with — they are actively looking for PRs here! This is a great opportunity to contribute to a widely-used package manager and gain experience working with C# and .NET.

Happy hacking and get those t-shirts, NDLUG.

Hacktoberfest logo with Tux and Beastie