Installing Packages - a dblitt keynote

by Sebastian Gutierrez (write-up & minutes)

I may have falsely accused ChatGPT of making a libelous statement in a previous blog post (for which I may or may not be sorry), but there is no refuting that this dblitt kid is good. For this week’s meeting, we returned to the “Student Machines Go Brrr” series hosted by our beloved VP, only this time the audience was forced to picture themselves in a cruel and tyrannical world (fictional, of course) where they can’t student machine like a boss because they can’t install packages 😞.

Luckily, today’s meeting installment was here to save the day and teach all about installing packages on Linux and macOS. Topics included apt, brew, pkgsrc, and perhaps most importantly, an MD-approved way of installing packages on the student machines without sudo (😱).

If you wish to join the fight against the encroachment of your freedom to install packages, be sure to check out today’s slides on packages here 💪.

student machines go brrr

A huge thank you goes out to dblitt and all of the officers who helped put together content for this series <3